Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mind Your List

Last week, I had the privilege of chaperoning the backstage area of our local High School during a performance of the spring musical. I must admit, I felt like a hall monitor - keeping couples from stealing away into some remote corner of the school, keeping the guys out of the girls changing room and the girls out of the guy's (the latter having the most attempts - crazy girls).

Our oldest sons were involved in the production and, it was interesting to notice that, every time the boys were not on stage, they would stand beside me. In one instance, Brandon was sitting on my knee.

In today's culture, many teens don't want anything to do with their parents. I'm thankful for the strong bond that we have with each one of our kids. Of all the factors that influence the parent-child relationship, none influence it more, than not putting your kids first. Yes, you read that right, NOT putting your kids first.

For any relationship to thrive, the persons involved must have good priorities. a good relational priority list looks something like this:

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Family
  4. Church
  5. Ministry/Work
Any deviation from this order brings danger to our lives. Any weakness in any position on the list will effect the other positions, especially those positions that are beneath the weak area.

Want to be a good spouse? Love God
Want to be a good parent? Love your spouse.
Want to have a fulfilling career? Spend quality time with your family, so you can enjoy what your working for!

What? you don't have a priority list? Can I encourage you to write one today? Once you have it written, make the choice to mind it.


Friday, April 16, 2010


My wife, Robin, is away for about 27 hours this weekend. Yeah, I'm counting down the minutes until her return. I am really praying that she has a great time, that God moves by His Spirit at the convention and that her dog does NOT have her puppies while she is away.

Robin is the one who always helps our dogs deliver their pups - a task that I have not done. Just the thought of the, well, never mind.

I know it's selfish and childish of me to want Robin here to deal with a pregnant dog. Yeah, I can be a little selfish. I don't want the inconvenience of delivering puppies and then making sure that this first-time mother is taking care of them. See? I told you. Selfish, right?

However, many of us do this everyday in the spiritual realm of our lives. We don't want the inconvenience of bringing the tangible gospel to the unbelievers that we encounter everyday. Maybe we begrudge the idea of walking with new believers as the Spirit births them into a new level in Christ.

Interesting how selfishness doesn't enhance life, no matter if we're talking about people or puppies, souls or pets.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Coming!

I know the blog has been quiet as of late. Thinking about something and I will try to get something new on here in the next day or so. Thanks for the patience!