Monday, December 16, 2013

Why I pastor the way I do.

I'm a pastor. I pastor people. Every person is different. Every church is different. There isn't a one type, one style or a one pattern fits all approach when it comes to pastoring. However, there is one commonality within all churches and that is the fact that churches are comprised of people who God dearly loves.

That fact alone motivates me and prompts me to pastor as I do. I try to take advantage of everything, making the most of every opportunity and utilizing coachable individuals within their gifts. Pastoring isn't a one person show, at least, it shouldn't be.  As with all people, I have unique gifts; however, I may not be the best at leading a public outreach event, organizing a community initiative and, often, I'm not the best at speaking on certain topics. So, as pastor, I strive to find those who are the best possible, best available and best gifted and willing to serve in those and other capacities. 

Why? Again, because of God's intense love for the individuals entrusted, spiritually, to my care. So, as the Holy Spirit approves and leads, I freely give the Sunday pulpit to individuals who God has gifted differently than me - whether that be in person or via video. I don't micro-manage leaders who have proven their gifting by their actions. And, I take seriously the facts that I, as pastor, am ultimately responsible and will answer to God for how his church was cared for - that ministry failures are my responsibility and my fault. 

Since God gave his best, his Son, Jesus Christ for people, how can I, as one of his many earthly representatives do any less? It is both a belief and a daily challenge, striving to present the best possible in any situation. 

So, on any given Sunday, it may not be me behind the pulpit, it may not be me as the visible leader for an event, but, as The Lord helps me, it WILL be me in the trenches of prayer, it WILL be me; hearing from, following and communicating the direction of God's Holy Spirit, it WILL be me; in a supporting role, it will be me; watching with protective eyes and ears and it WILL be me; loving with a pastor's heart.

That's who I am. I love who I pastor. I'm a pastor.